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Brass Hourglass Sundial
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Brass Hourglass Sundial
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Retail Price: $192.99
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Brass Armillary Sundial
  Armillary Sundials
Brass Armillary Sundial
Retail Price: $593.99
Sale Price: $296.99
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Cast Iron Sundial Pedestal
  Sundial Pedestal Bases
Cast Iron Sundial Pedestal
Retail Price: $269.99
Sale Price: $174.99
Category: Sundials Collection

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About Sundials

Sundials have been used to tell time almost as long as man has been recording history. They evoke early Rome and Greece and remind us that we have always measured our days – even when we didn’t quite understand our relationship to the sun and moon. Today sundials are usually more decorative than practical, but they’re a beautiful and timeless addition to your yard or your garden. Almost all our sundials are ‘garden sundials’. They look great on pedestals and make an attractive centerpiece to any garden bed – they function as art or statuary and they do tell time too!

Gardeners Delight

Gardeners are a unique breed of people – passionate about their creation – be it stately, natural, contemporary, large or small, it’s a place where you spend time to get away from it all. It’s been said that time started in a garden and a sundial is a beautiful and gracious way to honor that tradition in the place you most treasure.

Most of our sundials are made of brass – a traditional material that ages and weathers beautifully. In addition to the popular brass sundials we also have sundials in a great selection of other materials including iron sundials, aluminum sundials and resin sundials.

Armillary Sundials

Armillary sundials are quite beautiful – browse this style and you may well end up with one in your garden! Their smooth curves and airiness make them naturally attractive and graceful. At the same time, they are quite solid with thick castings – designed to endure and last – they represent the synergistic balance we all long for and sometimes achieve in the garden! Armillary sundials make great conversation pieces too. They’re natural head-turners and really add a focal point to your garden or yard.

Stand Alone or on a Base

While most of our sundials could stand alone, they are typically showcased on a base. We offer a selection of bases to mount your sundial, so it’s easy to find a perfect pairing. You could also use a tree stump, or any other material you have handy that represents your garden and displays your sundial. There’s something to fit every style and budget.

Great Selection of Garden Sundials 

We believe every garden is enhanced by a sundial and we’ve got a selection for every taste and style. You might be drawn to the traditional brass sundial, or a more contemporary looking aluminum sundial. Perhaps our armillary sundials will speak to you, or a sundial made of resin – whatever your preference, you’ll find something to grace your garden at

Great Customer Service

Why buy a garden sundial from We’re a small family owned business and we’re focused on great customer service. We want your experience with our company to be an excellent one and we do everything we can to guarantee it.

We Stock a Large Inventory – Your Sundial Arrives Quickly

We stock what you see on our site and our shipping is quick and efficient. We know you want your sundial right away and that’s important to us too.

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